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This course will give you the knowledge, tools and framework you need to become a factualist employer – an employer that truly understands how to attract and retain the right people for the organization.

Although we suggest that you take the four modules in the recommended order, you are free to proceed in any order you wish. The documents that you need for the exercises will be activated when you reach the end of each module. Now, enjoy and good luck!

Course Milestones

Kick off webinar

This full day session features an in-depth introduction to Employer Branding as well as group exercises and extensive networking opportunities.

Halfway webinar

This live webinar addresses your questions so far and discusses the main takeaways from modules 1 and 2 while setting the stage for module 3

Certification prep

Please click here for the certification date for your particular location. You will need to hand in your assignment one week before.


This full day session provides each participant with an opportunity to go through his/her assignment as well as several keynotes and group exercises

The modules

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Module 1

Why employer branding

This module will give you an understanding of the value of employer branding and its critical role in the long-term success of your organization.

You will learn to:

  • argue for, anchor and spread employer branding issues internally
  • understand the business plan and the talent needs of your organization
  • define and analyse your target groups
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Module 2

Build a strategy

This module will help you develop an employer branding strategy that fully supports the long-term business needs.

You will learn to:

  • develop and optimise your employer value proposition
  • choose KPIs that measure the right things
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Module 3

Plan your communication

This module will help you find the stories that support your EVP, and spread them through the most effective channels.

You will learn to

  • find and develop messages and stories
  • create a communication mix
  • develop an action plan
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Module 4

Follow up and adapt

This module will show methods for continuous follow-up and how to take actions based on your findings. It will also help you get your message across internally.

You will learn to

  • evaluate and follow-up your on-going employer branding work
  • build internal engagement
  • bring all different touch-points into consideration
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Final exercise

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Submission deadline

One week before the final certification

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